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This is a proof-of-concept of trying to load .hvl and .ahx files into a
pineapple tracker interface. Note that .ahx files have only four channels,
like our .songformat, but .hvl files can have up to sixteen. We will have
to figure out if we want to have a tracker that can load different file
formats, and how that will be handled in the code. One idea I had was
to have all the funcitons that will have to be different depending on
which file format is loaded be determined at runtime using function pointers.
For example, the drawsonged() function will have to be different if a
.hvl file with more than 4 channels is loaded. So we could have different
drawsonged() functions, and the appropriate one could be assigned to the
pointer to the drawsonged() function at runtime. This is just one idea
that sounded cool, however, and may in fact be more complicated than
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