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Matrix Factorisation for Scalable Energy Breakdown

This repository contains the code for our AAAI 2017 paper entitled: Matrix Factorisation for Scalable Energy Breakdown

Please use the following bib for citing our work

  title={Matrix Factorisation for Scalable Energy Breakdown},
  author={Batra, Nipun and Wang, Hongning and Singh, Amarjeet and Whitehouse, Kamin},
  booktitle={AAAI 2017},

Notebooks used to generate the plots/tables in the paper

  1. Figure 1
  2. Table 2
  3. Table 3
  4. Figure 2, Figure 3

Other important code to look at

  1. Main matrix factorisation CVXPY code
  2. KNN baseline
  3. Code to run MF on HPC Slurm cluster

NB This work was built upon as an improvement to our KDD 16 work called- Gemello: Creating a Detailed Energy Breakdown from just the Monthly Electricity Bill Paper pdf , Youtube video, Poster

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