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BGH Bot Version 1.13 This is a Broodwar AI developed in C++ using Visual Studio Community 2013, BWAPI, the BWEM library, and the BWEB library. This bot is designed for normal money maps and for all races.

Version History: 1.13: Changes: -Removed BWEB library. -Added support for Team Melee and Team Free For All modes. -Fixed building placement bug that was occasionally causing crashes. -Modified some unit micro. -Modified expansion selection code -Upgraded to BWAPI 4.2.0 and Visual Studio 2017. -Upgraded to BWEM 1.4.1.

1.12a Changes: -Fixed Protoss bug related to Zerg Extractors.

1.12 Changes: -Added BWEB library. -Adjusted Protoss build orders. -Added defensive coordination around relevant choke points. -Fixed crash related to gas workers and bunker repair.

1.11a Changes: -Fixed some nullptr crashes.

1.11 Changes: -Added mineral locking -Added upgrades for default Terran build. -Made tweaks to Macro for Terran default build. -Added ability for bot to build from any base if there are no workers left in the main.

1.10b Changes: -Added Bunker support. -Added repair script for bunker. -Fixed bug related to getGroundDistance.

1.10a Changes: -Fixed expansion logic so that units won't clutter the ramp to the natural. -Fixed a crash involving the military manager. -Fixed bug that caused tank count to be incorrect.

1.10 Changes: -Modified Terran Default build to include tanks.

1.09a Changes: -Fixed some crashes. -Rebuilt Protoss building placement. -Adjusted PvP 4 Gate Goon build to be more robust.

1.09 Changes: -Fixed some crashes related to BWEM areas. -Added pvp build. -Added logic regarding army strength both globally, objectively, and locally for all races.

1.08 Changes: -Fixed infinite loop that could happen when an SCV building a command center was replaced, then the new SCV was chosen to build a structure.

1.07g Changes: -Added logic for determining which chokepoint to defend when expanding. This is based on a rough estimate of "ground distance," that could be applied to other concepts the bot is doing.

1.07f Changes: -Fixed bugs that would cause crashes.

1.07e Changes: -Bug Fixes -Added code so workers will attack other workers that are attacking them.

1.07d Changes: -Fixed bugs pertaining to trying to build in fog of war.

1.07c Changes: -Bug fixes.

1.07b Changes: -Bug fixes.

1.07a Changes: -Bug fixes.

1.07 Changes: -Fixed bugs. -Modified some macro logic to accomodate expanding better. -Added expansion logic for Protoss.

1.06a Changes: -Added logic for Terran to send SCVs to incomplete buildings that don't have an SCV building them.

1.06 Changes: -Added logic to support expanding for Terran. -Modified Worker logic to support multiple bases. -Fixed search logic so units fight enemy units they encounter.

1.05a Changes: -Fixed slowdown for air units over large cliff areas.

1.05 Changes: -May have unknown changes, as there was a break in the project -Added timers for various functions.

1.04 Changes: -Revampped how military is handled. Added "Objective" where units are assigned to objectives and micro based on their objective. -Modified detector logic.

1.03 Changes: -Added High Templar to Protoss army compisition.

Bug fixes: -Fixed crash related to detectors.

1.02 Changes: -Added a 30 second timeout for build orders to workers. If the requested structure is not placed after 30 seconds, the assigned worker will give up. -Added a check for building locations to prevent them from being over one area away.

1.01 Changes: -Added new build order for Terran. If bot is outnumberd (counting allies), it will always use the new build order; otherwise, it has a 50% chance of using the new build order. -Modified build placement logic for Terran Supply Depots.

1.0 -Added file, considering this commit to be version 1.0.


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