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Compiling Nitrogen on Windows

Windows support is experimental in Nitrogen.


Note 1: This process can be a hair tedius, but will allow you to have the latest and greatest version of Nitrogen from For the version that doesn't require you to screw around with installing msysgit, download the prepackaged Windows zip file from the Nitrogen Home Page.

Note 2: To simplify the releasing of Nitrogen on Windows, some significant changes have been made to the build process. The previous method required a lot of tinkering with things to build with a new release of Erlang.

Note 3: Throughout this readme, we recommend installing to c:\erlX.Y (where X.Y is the version, for example, 5.10) for the sake of simplicity. It's not critical that you use this directory, but -- and it should go without saying -- if you choose to install into another directory, make sure you reference that directory everywhere. The only strong recommendation we make is to avoid paths with spaces in them (e.g. c:\program files\erlX.Y). Msysgit has a bit of a history of not playing nice with paths with spaces in them.

Note 4: While installing Msysgit, make sure you choose the option, if presented, to "Check out as-is and Check in as-is". Otherwise, some of the Nitrogen prerequisits don't play nice with Windows-style line-endings (\r\n).

Prerequisite Steps:

  1. Install Erlang (Recommended at least R15B) for Windows into c:\erlX.Y.
  2. Make sure c:\erlX.Y\bin is in your windows PATH (Right click My Computer, Click Properties,
  3. Get msysGit and install to c:\msysgit (the default).

To Build Nitrogen

  1. Fire up msysgit (c:\msysgit\msys.bat)
  2. Navigate to the directory where you'd like to install Nitrogen (e.g. c:\www)
  3. Run git clone
  4. Run cd nitrogen
  5. Run make rel_inets_win or (make rel_mochiweb_win)
  6. When it completes, you'll have a standalone installation in rel/nitrogen
  7. You can close Msysgit now

Note: You only need to use msysgit for when you want to build Nitrogen. Once it's built, you can run Nitrogen from the normal Windows Explorer.

Running Nitrogen

  1. Close Msysgit and open Windows Explorer to where you installed Nitrogen
  2. Run (double-click) start.cmd
  3. Navigate your browser to

I realize this is not exactly the simplest set of instructions, but it allows us to use some build tools otherwise inconvenient to use on windows. As stated above, Windows support is EXPERIMENTAL so, please understand that.