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Now does not try to send login data if the request is not about a
repository owned by the currently logged in user.
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1 parent 64928fd commit 19ba2477ea65e52e74e166482407ea96bee8e395 @nixeagle committed May 30, 2010
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@@ -123,7 +123,9 @@ slots."))
(defmethod search-repositories ((search-string string))
(to-json (github-simple-request "repos" "search" search-string)))
(defmethod show-repository ((username string) (repository string) &key login token)
- (to-json (request login token `("repos" "show" ,username ,repository))))
+ (if (equalp username login)
+ (to-json (authed-request login to-json (list "repos" "show" username repository)))
+ (to-json (github-simple-request "repos" "show" username repository))))
(defmethod show-user-repositories ((username string))
(to-json (github-simple-request "repos" "show" username)))

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