Clojure wrapper around the Apache Barbecue 1.5 beta library.
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Clojure wrapper around the Apache Barbecue 1.5 beta library.


This is for smaller businesses that are integrating Clojure into their core base. This wrapper provides a light weight solution to an existing library already in use. The goal was to provide a more idomatic way to generate barcodes in Clojure. Barbecue 1.5 beta was chosen because the last stable release was in 2005. This at least was released in 2007.


This wrapper currently only contains the functionality to generate barcode objects and image files (PNG, JPEG, GIF). There are GUI API's for Swing components, but in the interest of keeping this small I've left those out.


Unfortunately, the Barbecue library is not currently in a Leiningen or Maven repository. The source and binaries can be downloaded from here. So download the jar and link it to your projects build path.

Sample Code

Most of the functions are called the same way. A keyword of the barcode you want to generate and a string of the data is usually required. Any functions that have variable arguments are passed using key value pairs.

To create a new barcode:

(create-barcode :int2of5 "12345" :check-digit true)

Write barcode as image file to disk:

(save-to-file (create-barcode :2of7 "12345") "/home/user/barcode.png" :png)

The getter and setter functions are one in the same. If a value is passed with a barcode, then that value will be set for the barcode.

(bar-width (create-barcode :bookland "12345")) ;; Getter
(bar-width (create-barcode :bookland "12345") 100) ;; Setter

Some utility functions are included:

(mod-10-check-digit "12345" :weight-odd 10)

(valid-upc? "12345")

(code39-extended-character \x)