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This is manderlbot, an attempt to write an irc bot in erlang, with a XML
based configuration.
To use it, install erlang, then xmerl-0.15
On my system this means install the compiled files in
make install will provide you /usr/bin/manderlbot to start the bot.
If you have installed the debian package, you don't have to make
Once manderlbot is running, you can obtain a shell on the erlang VM it
is running in, by launching another VM and connecting to the former.
erl -setcookie mdb -sname control
Then you hit ^G and connect to the manderlbot VM:
User switch command
--> r manderlbot@node
--> c 3
If you want to stop manderlbot, you can now type in
(manderlbot@node)1> application:stop(manderlbot).