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#lang scheme/base
(planet williams/science:3/science)
;; random-dirichlet : vector -> matrix
(define (random-dirichlet params)
(let ([samples
(for/vector ([i (vector-length params)]
[x (in-vector params)])
(random-gamma x 1))])
(vector/s samples (vector-sum samples))))
(provide random-dirichlet)
(define dirichlet-pdf-contract
(->d ([point vector?]
[params (lambda (d)
(= (vector-length point)
(vector-length d)))])
[_ number?]))
;; dirichlet-pdf : vector vector -> real
;; Elements of point must be in the range (0,1)
(define (dirichlet-pdf point params)
(let ([point-sum (vector-sum point)])
(if (= point-sum 1.0)
(exp (lndirichlet-pdf point params))
(define (lndirichlet-pdf point params)
(let ([B (- (lngamma (vector-sum params))
(vector-sum (vector-map lngamma params)))])
(+ (for/sum ([p (in-vector point)]
[i (in-naturals)])
(let ([alpha (sub1 (vector-ref params i))])
(* (log p) alpha)))
;; dirichlet without the logs
; (let* ([params (dirichlet-params dirichlet)]
; [point-sum (sum-ec (:vector p point) p)]
; [B (/ (product-ec (:vector p params) (gamma p))
; (gamma (sum-ec (:vector p params) p)))])
; (if (= point-sum 1.0)
; (/ (product-ec (:vector p (index i) point)
; (:let alpha (sub1 (vector-ref params i)))
; (expt p alpha))
; B)
; 0.0))
(define (dirichlet-same-dimension-contract return)
(->d ([samples vector?]
[params (lambda (d)
(= (vector-length samples)
(vector-length d)))])
[_ return]))
(define (dirichlet-bayesian-update samples params)
(vector+ samples params))
(define (dirichlet-bayesian-retract samples params)
(vector- params samples))
;; dirichlet-sample-likelihood : vector vector -> float
;; We have a data item, and a Dirichlet distribution. We
;; would like to calculate the likelihood [P(D|H)] of the
;; data given the Dirichlet. This involves integrating over
;; all multinomials distributed according to the Dirichlet.
;; There is a standard formula for this, e.g. Eqs 49,50 in
;; gamma(sum(k, alpha(k)) / gamma(sum(k, n(k) + alpha(k))) *
;; product(k, gamma(n(k) + alpha(k)) / gamma(alpha(k))
(define (dirichlet-sample-likelihood samples params)
(+ (- (lngamma (vector-sum params))
(lngamma (for/sum
([p (in-vector params)]
[s (in-vector samples)])
(+ p s))))
([p (in-vector params)]
[s (in-vector samples)])
(- (lngamma (+ p s))
(lngamma p))))))
[dirichlet-pdf dirichlet-pdf-contract]
[dirichlet-bayesian-update (dirichlet-same-dimension-contract vector?)]
[dirichlet-bayesian-retract (dirichlet-same-dimension-contract vector?)]
[dirichlet-sample-likelihood (dirichlet-same-dimension-contract number?)])