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glTail.rb -

I know, horrible code and global variables, and what not. But, it works,
and it's too fun to watch my servers traffic in real time to clean up
everything before releasing it.

  Open config.yaml in a text editor, and tweak to your liking. You might want to save the
  result to another file, and include that on the command line.
  Either include a password for each of your servers, or make sure your ssh-keys are
  correctly set up.

  If you need to specify a SSH key replace
    password: secret
    keys: /path/to/key

  ./gl_tail.rb --help
  ./gl_tail.rb <config.yaml>

  You can also press 'f' while running to toggle the attempted frames per second. Or 'b'
  to change default blob type, and space to toggle bouncing.

Versions tested:
  rubygems 0.9.4
  ruby-opengl 0.40.1
  net-ssh 1.1.2

Installation instructions (Ubuntu/Debian):
  sudo apt-get install rubygems rake ruby1.8-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libglut3-dev build-essential
  sudo gem install -y net-ssh ruby-opengl -r

Installation instructions (Mandriva/RedHat):
  sudo urpmi ruby ruby-devel ruby-RubyGems ruby-rake
  sudo urpmi libmesagl1-devel libmesaglut3-devel ruby-rbogl
  sudo gem install -y net-ssh ruby-opengl -r

Installation instructions (Mac OS/X):
  <install ruby & rubygems>
  sudo gem install -y net-ssh ruby-opengl -r

Installation instructions (Windows):
  One-click Ruby installer from
  Start RubyGems/RubyGems Package Manager
  gem install net-ssh ruby-opengl

  (Make sure you've got accelerated OpenGL installed for your graphics card. Some drivers
  shipped with your version of Windows do not include this, and it can be installed by
  getting the latest drivers from your graphics card vendor)

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