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Welcome to NOI's organization on GitHub where we develop Free Open Source Software.

Open Data Hub

Who are we?

Who is NOI AG/S.p.a.?
What is the Open Data Hub?

Where can I find more information?

Our wiki containing general information about our projects.
Our guidelines for developers containing information for everyone wanting to contribute.

We are REUSE compliant, find more information about reuse in our projects here.


  1. Public

    Explore and navigate through Open Data you need to build your next service.

    TypeScript 8 7

  2. Public

    The Open Data Hub Web Component Store, to test web components, to configure web components and to get a code snippet to integrate a web component in a webpage

    Java 4 3

  3. odh-docs odh-docs Public

    Open Data Hub ( Documentation

    Python 3 4

  4. bdp-core bdp-core Public

    Open Data Hub / Timeseries Core

    Java 9 3

  5. Public

    The new home of the Open Data Hub Mobility API v2

    Java 2

  6. odh-api-core odh-api-core Public

    .Net Core Port of ODH Tourism Api

    C# 2 2


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