Publish member & council lists in a private repo. #19

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Publish the list of Noisebridge council members in a private repository accessible only to:

  • the members,
  • the council,
  • the board,
  • the officers, and
  • the officers' deputies.

This is a sibling proposal to #3, in lieu of publishing the list publicly.


This plan has the neat privacy property that only some people can see the list. Unfortunately, it has the awkward transparency property that only some people can see the list. I think it's a viable middle ground.

It comes with some administrative overhead. It means that someone[^1] has to maintain Github teams for members/board/council/officers. I already maintain a team for the board, a team called secretariat for the secretary and deputies, and a team called members to which I add any member who asks.

I assume that the procedure for adding folks to the council team would look a little like this. If you contact the secretary and ask to be added to the council team, the secretary will check that you're a councillor, then add you to the team. When someone becomes a councillor, the secretary will ask them for their Github username. Once they supply it, the secretary will add them to the group. Since the council and members can now see the list, should councillors add people to the team too?

If we use a repo for this, it would mean that we could do membership applications by pull request. Only folks who can see the repo can make requests, but this seems neat: now your existing sponsors have to do a thing on the web rather than just signing a piece of paper. Sponsors could even write about why they think someone would be a good councillor rather than just signing their name.

[^1]: probably the secretary, let's not kid.

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