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I love pull requests, and I need all the help I can get. However, there are a few rules to follow if you want a better chance of having your pull request merged:

  1. In your fork, make a feature branch just for your changes
  2. On the branch, only commit changes for the feature you're adding. Each pull request should concentrate on a single change - don't mix multiple features.
  3. Your feature should be covered by tests. Run the tests with npm test. This is very important - without tests, your feature may be broken by subsequent changes and I may never know. Plus it's always nice to know that your changes work :-)
  4. Don't bump the npm version - yours may not be the only feature that makes it into a version, and you don't know when your pull request may get merged (the version may have changed by then).


People who have helped so far - these are just the people whose commits I've accepted. There are lots of people who've helped by submitting bug reports or pull requests that I haven't merged, but I have used their ideas to implement a different way. Thanks to you all. This library also owes a huge amount to the original log4js project.