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NooBaa is a data service for cloud environments, providing S3 object-store interface with flexible tiering, mirroring, and spread placement policies, over any storage resource that allows GET/PUT including S3, GCS, Azure Blob, Filesystems, etc.

NooBaa simplifies data administration by connecting to any of the storage silos from private or public clouds, and providing a single scalable data service, using the same S3 API and management tools. NooBaa allows full control over data placement, letting you place data based on security, strategy and cost considerations, in the granularity of an application.

To start using NooBaa in Kubernetes

Follow this video tutorial

Here are the tutorial steps for copy-pasta:

  1. Install jq (json cli tool needed for our bash script):
    Use your package manager as described in For example sudo apt-get install jq or sudo yum install jq or brew install jq (for Mac) or just hack it for linux with:
wget -O jq
chmod +x jq
mv jq /usr/local/bin/
  1. Get deploy files:
chmod +x
  1. Deploy to current kubernetes context:
./ deploy -e <youremail> -n <namespace> -f noobaa_core.yaml
  1. Get info on NooBaa deployment (on current kubernetes context):
./ info -n <namespace>





Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE

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