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KeyKit - Musical Fun with Windows, Tasks, and Objects

by Tim Thompson (

For use on Windows, just unzip the dist/ and execute the bin/key.exe you find inside.

Other platforms that should work: dist/ (Raspberry Pi/ARM) and dist/ (Linux/Intel).

You'll find formatted documentation in:

  • doc/tutorial.html (Tutorial)
  • doc/language.html (Language Reference)
  • lib/index.html (GUI Tools in the lib directory)
  • doc/faq.html (FAQ)
  • doc/keyvar.html (Special Variables)
  • doc/libdoc.html (Library functions)
  • doc/hacking.html (Hacking guidance)

See the README.* files for platform-specific info on compiling. See the doc directory for other documentation. In particular, see doc/porting for details on the machine-dependent support needed for a given platform.

Other than for the distributions mentioned above, much of the machine-dependent support in the mdep directory is probably obsolete and will no longer work without modification, but is being retained for future use.

BTW, when you see "nt" in names - e.g. the file, mdep/nt directory, or the install_nt target in the makefile - it refers to the Windows version. The fact that it refers to Windows NT indicates just how ancient KeyKit is. :-)