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A simple app to see how much your wallet is worth. It's like Shares but for Bitcoin.


You’ll need CocoaPods to build Coins. See their getting start guide if you don’t already have CocoaPods.

You'll also need Carthage. See their installation guide if you don't already have Carthage installed. (Eventually, I'd love to just have Carthage instead of both.)

Xcode 6.0 or higher is required.

Simply run pod install, carthage update, open Coins.xcworkspace, and build the Coins target to run the app.

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Coins is released under the MIT license. While the license says you can do whatever you want with it, I'd apprecaite it if you don't release an exact copy to the App Store. This is released as an open source project primarily for educational purposes. That said, there's nothing stopping you from doing whatever you want with it.