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Infer the owner of a path based on the owner of its nearest existing parent
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Infer the owner of a path based on the owner of its nearest existing parent


const inferOwner = require('infer-owner')

inferOwner('/some/cache/folder/file').then(owner => {
  // owner is {uid, gid} that should be attached to
  // the /some/cache/folder/file, based on ownership
  // of /some/cache/folder, /some/cache, /some, or /,
  // whichever is the first to exist

// same, but not async
const owner = inferOwner.sync('/some/cache/folder/file')

// results are cached!  to reset the cache (eg, to change
// permissions for whatever reason), do this:

This module endeavors to be as performant as possible. Parallel requests for ownership of the same path will only stat the directories one time.


  • inferOwner(path) -> Promise<{ uid, gid }>

    If the path exists, return its uid and gid. If it does not, look to its parent, then its grandparent, and so on.

  • inferOwner(path) -> { uid, gid }

    Sync form of inferOwner(path).

  • inferOwner.clearCache()

    Delete all cached ownership information and in-flight tracking.

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