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Default tmp directory is in HOME #2936

pksunkara opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Is that intentional?

How can I change it?


npm help config

The default tmp dir is /tmp. The default cache dir is ~/.npm, which is not a "temp" dir, though it is fine to delete stuff out of there. More properly, it's a cache.

Set the tmp dir via the tmp npm config. Set the cache dir via the cache npm config.

@isaacs isaacs closed this

In Ubuntu, The default tmp dir is $HOME/tmp not /tmp


Thanks for confirming what I suspected pksunkara. Indeed, the Ubuntu package has the default as $HOME/tmp


Ah, right, well... if the OS sets TMP or TMPDIR environments, npm dutifully does as its told.


How can I ask npm to use ~/.tmp rather than ~/tmp in ubuntu?


Fairly certain it's the npm config set tmp / npm config get tmp commands.

You can get more info by doing npm help config.

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