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New option for Windows required: system-wide install #4534

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Based on issues:

I think npm should have clear way for manage system-wide packages (packages available for all users in system on Windows)

Therefore npm should deal with three types of packages:

  • local (without option)
  • global for user (--global)

    this type of installation is very useful for development and testing purposes

  • global for system (--system for example)

    this type of installation needed in production environment

The system-wide installation should:
1) uses other path for packages (accessible for reading by all users in system).
2) uses system environment variable PATH to store path to executables.

The system-wide installation may require the administrator's rights for user that invoke npm --system

There are possible variants for path for system-wide installation (discussion need):
1) %PROGRAMDATA%/npm (absent in Windows XP)
3) Node's folder

Node's javascript afaik has no ability to set system environment variable %PATH%, but this variable can be set as part of Node installation (therefore Node's folder seems already ready for such installation).


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It turns out we were just discussing this over on #6413, and have been discussing closely related issues on #4564. I think this would be a good idea – maybe – but it's also pretty far down the priority queue because it's a pretty dramatic change and thus at least a major version out. I'm not averse to looking at patches or discussing it further, though.

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