"segmentation fault" in commands that require the https module. #674

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emyller commented Mar 6, 2011

I've been trying to install npm since yesterday, but everytime I try to run install, I get a seg fault. No traceback or any kind of feedback. I can't even install npm itself, obviously.

I decided to manually follow the code to find the exact place where it crashes, and it's at the require('https') in the lib/utils/fetch.js module.

I have compiled and installed node with the --without-ssl option; so, since ssl is optional, the npm installation should not fail like this. If ssl is really required for npm installation, it should, at least, let the user know about that instead of just crashing with no feedback.


isaacs commented Mar 6, 2011

Closed by 4926fa8 Load https lazily

isaacs commented Mar 6, 2011

Fixed in 0.3.15. Make sure that your npm config get registry isn't an https url.

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