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Minecraft Maker Ant Farm
by Nirav Patel <> and Will Nowak <>
This was a sort of last minute project for the 2011 Bay Area Maker Faire. Using
a Kinect and OpenNI/NITE libraries, you can automagically generate Minecraft
character skins that look like people.
I started off of one of the OpenNI samples, so this has to stick with the LGPL
license that was in place on that. The MinecraftGenerator.cpp file is entirely
my own, so that itself is public domain. The .egg is generated from
ShnitzelKiller's Blender character rig from:
As a warning, this is easily the worst code I've ever hacked together. I'm just
releasing the code because there is no reason not to. The
MinecraftGenerator.cpp file where the actual skinning occurs is probably the
only piece that is salvagable. The application as a whole will probably not
work for you, but in the event you really absolutely must try it, here's some
stuff to get you started.
Panda3D 1.7.1
OpenCV 2.1
0. Install the required libraries
1. Run make
2. Plug in a Kinect
3. ./build/antfarm build/SamplesConfig.xml
4. Move around a bit until the Kinect sees you, and enter the calibration pose
5. The skin should generate, at which point you can hit enter to save it.