Installing With Wheels

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NOTE: NuPIC does not work with 32b systems.

OS X (10.9 & 10.10) and Windows

pip install nupic


pip install

The Linux wheel file is hosted on AWS S3 instead of on the standard PyPi servers because of Linux wheels are not allowed to be uploaded to pypi yet.

Important Notes!

  • If you already have NuPIC installed (via pip or python install from the source code), you will need to either uninstall it (pip uninstall nupic) or use the --ignore-installed flag.
  • You may need to use the --user flag for the commands above to install in a non-system location (depends on your environment).
  • You may need to pip install wheel and add the --use-wheel option if you have an older pip version (wheels are now the default binary package format for pip)

Test it

Download this zip file, unpack it somewhere, and follow the directions in the README.