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* Rm scipy-sphinx-theme submodule.

* Add pydata-sphinx-theme to doc reqs.

* Modify conf to use pydata theme.

* Add github badge via theme.

* Update CI.

* bump CI sphinx version 1.6.5 -> 1.8 for tests

* Experimental: swap sidebars in theme.

* Add :notoc: to index to suppress right sidebar.

* FIX: No sidebar

Co-authored-by: Eric Larson <>

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numpydoc -- Numpy's Sphinx extensions

This package provides the numpydoc Sphinx extension for handling docstrings formatted according to the NumPy documentation format. The extension also adds the code description directives np:function, np-c:function, etc.

numpydoc requires Python 3.5+ and sphinx 1.6.5+.

For usage information, please refer to the documentation.

The numpydoc docstring guide explains how to write docs formatted for this extension, and the user guide explains how to use it with Sphinx.