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Mirko Friedenhagen: Providing reports percentiles features.
Ivan Kurmanov: Webunit mimeEncode patch using CRLF.
Greg 912: http_proxy support.
Bryan Helmkamp: Webunit mimeEncode patch extra CRLF on first boundary, adding
Content-Type header for file upload.
Lin: Patch to remove cookie with 'deleted' value.
Sylvain Hellegouarch: Python 2.5 support.
M.-A. Darche: Extensive use, documentation improvements and FunkLoad name
Jehiah Czebotar: Mutiple redirects patch.
Dan Rahmel: Recorder patch.
Daniel Swärd: Feedback on post method and cookie patch.
Ross Patterson: Support of setuptools console_scripts.
Tom Lazar: Support of buildout, label option for the bench runner, many fixes.
Toni Mueller: Debian package maintener.
Jose Parrella: Debian man page writter.
David Fraser: Patch on Recorder to support non standard tcpwatch installation.
Kelvin Ward: Patch on Report builder to support win gnuplot.
Goutham Bath: HTTP debug server for the bench runner.
Arshavski Alexander, Ethan Winn: Bug report and patch for OS X.
Gareth Davidson: Cookies patch, improve win support.
Martin Aspeli: Patch on recorder/report generation.
Ali-Akber Saifee: Distributed mode impl, PUT/DELETE support, Sphinx
documentation layout and more.
Jan Kotuc: Debugging keep alive problem on http/1.1 303.
Georges Racinet: Adding metadata on report and setUpBench hook ideas.
Bertrand Yvain: Patch on null content-lengh, fix on network monitoring charts.
Krzysztof A. Adamski: Plugin monitors framework.
Andrew McFague: Specify a custom Python binary configuration option for
distributed nodes, pep8 fixes for the funkload.Distributed module.
Thibault Soulcié: logo.
Benito Jorge Bastida: Misc bug fixes.
Joe Shaw: Allow fl-run-bench to take modules in addition to filenames.
Juha Mustonen: Adding a --config option.
Dylan Jay: multiple bencher and monitor per server support
Seong-Kook Shin: Additional RPS chart where X axis represents the time in
Tarek Ziade: distributed mode improvment, greenlets rt feedback and more.
Shandy (Andy) Brown: fl-run-bench discover mode and doc review.