Signal app always restarts setup wizard even it's already configured #5704

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onny commented Feb 14, 2017 edited

I'm using the crypto messenger Signal-Desktop 0.28.0 successfully with the latest stable nwjs version 0.20.2 on ArchLinux x86_64, installed as described here for Ubuntu or using the AUR buildscript.
The program runs fine and is usable but unfortunately the setup wizard also restarts every time I launch the app :( Here's the debug output:

~/projects/Signal-Desktop-0.28.0 % nw --enable-logging=stderr dist                                                                          
[16549:16549:0214/] Using basic (unencrypted) store for password storage. See for more information about password storage options.
[16549:16549:0214/] PushMessagingService could not be built because InstanceID is unexpectedly disabled
[16549:16549:0214/130846.376818:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "pre-main prep time: 4 ms", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)
[16549:16549:0214/130846.457639:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "background page reloaded", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)
[16549:16549:0214/] Extension does not provide a valid file handler.
[16549:16549:0214/130846.550532:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "extension launched", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)
[16549:16549:0214/130846.693200:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "opening websocket", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)
[16549:16549:0214/130846.694795:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "opening message socket", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)
[16549:16549:0214/130846.698466:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "open inbox", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)
[16549:16549:0214/130847.059005:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "opening provisioning socket", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)
[16549:16549:0214/130847.236136:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "websocket open", source: chrome-extension://oihbcgnadkoghkblklnjohjipmjljndg/js/debugLog.js (49)

That's how it looks like:
On the left there's the setup wizard and on the right there's the already configured programm running.

I'll look into further logging and debuging issues and maybe someone can help me here further!
Thanks and best regards,

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Update #1

xzhan96 commented Feb 23, 2017

@onny sorry, I am not very clear about this description:

but unfortunately the setup wizard also restarts every time I launch the app

How should I do to reproduce?

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onny commented Feb 23, 2017 edited

Thank you for your response.
This bug is still present in

  • signal app v0.30.0
  • nwjs 0.20.3

Here are the steps to reproduce this issue:

  • Installation instructions for Ubuntu
sudo aptitude install npm ruby-sass nodejs-legacy
cd /tmp
wget ""
tar xvf v0.30.0.tar.gz
cd Signal-Desktop-0.30.0
npm install
node_modules/grunt-cli/bin/grunt -f
cd /tmp 
wget ""
tar xvf nwjs-v0.20.3-linux-x64.tar.gz
nwjs-v0.20.3-linux-x64/nw Signal-Desktop-0.30.0/dist

Now the app starts like this
So far, so good. Now you have to register to the Signal messaging service. You'll need the Signal app on your smartphone for Iphone or Android (its possible that this app is blocked in China). After installing and registering it on your Phone, you can start linking the Signal-Desktop app: Settings -> Linked devices -> Add, and then take a picture of the QR code which will be shown in the installation wizard on your desktop (see picture above). Signal is now registered and will work on your desktop with nwjs and on your phone.

To trigger the bug, close nwjs and Signal and start it again. Normally you should only see the chat window, like this:
But instead, nwjs triggers a bug where the setup window of Signal always restarts, see:
Somehow nwjs is unable to store the information that the setup of Signal has already took place, whereas the rest of the session data like chat log etc. is getting saved and remembered (config folder is ~/.config/Signal Private Messenger).

Thank you for your support and best regards,

xzhan96 commented Feb 24, 2017 edited

@onny thanks for your very clear description.
One more question, is any previous nwjs version works fine ever before?

onny commented Feb 24, 2017

@xzhan96 I'm using Signal app since nwjs version 0.16.1 and the bug was already present. I'm not aware of any nwjs version which doesn't have this bug.

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