Namecoin link leads to an unofficial website #200

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The link to Namecoin on the site is leading to an unofficial commercial website which sells Namecoin domains at highly inflated prices and distributes a Firefox/Chrome add-on with sketchy security. The correct official website for Namecoin is .


Thanks for bringing this up! It's been changed.

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The current official website for Namecoin is


@omyno That's correct; the project moved to a few months ago. The Namecoin project recently acquired as well; we expect to transition to as the main website sometime in the next few months. We also set up a site specifically regarding the DNS aspect of Namecoin,

-Jeremy Rand
Core Namecoin Developer


@omyno, @JeremyRand, if either of you would want to make a pull request I will merge it in. Else I can push the update myself later today.

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@Zegnat Zegnat added a commit that referenced this issue May 21, 2014
@Zegnat Zegnat Update Namecoin URL.
Closing #200.

That should do the trick, sorry for the wait.

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