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A temporarily centralised PKI and presence server allowing us to get the other Nym node types running
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Nym Directory Server

A temporarily centralised PKI, presence and metrics server allowing us to get the other Nym node types running. Nym nodes and clients use it to find each other, and bootstrap the network into existence. Metrics allow us to easily build visualizations of the network for demonstration, education, and debugging purposes during development.

Eventually some aspects of it (presence, PKI) will be decentralized. Other aspects of it (e.g. metrics) will likely stay centralized.


  • Go 1.12 or later


go test ./... will run the test suite.

go run main.go builds the binary (as expected).

swag init rebuilds the Swagger docs if you've changed anything there. Otherwise it should not be needed.

If you update any of the HTML assets, go-assets-builder server/html/index.html -o server/html/index.go will put it in the correct place to be built into the binary.


The server exposes an HTTP interface which can be queried. To see documentation of the server's capabilities, go to http://localhost:8080/swagger/index.html in your browser once you've run the server. You'll be presented with an overview of functionality. All methods are runnable through the Swagger docs interface, so you can poke at the server to see what it does.

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