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Lektor Jupyter preprocess

Integrate Jupyter notebooks into Lektor CMS.


The plugin is not installable via PyPI (yet), so you have to install it as a local plugin in the packages folder of your site.

Get the code

Copy it

Download this folder and copy it into <your lektor site>/package.

... or add as git submodule

$ mkdir <your lektor site>/packages
$ cd <your lektor site>/packages
$ git submodule add

Get started

Once you have the plugin in packages, run a lektor clean and lektor serve to start integrating notebook powered articles into your site.

Have a look at the example project how to configure and use it.

The plugin is in use on my personal website - read more about how it works in the obligatory meta article about my website.

Warning: minimal implementation

I am mainly using this to render simple notebooks with text output. Anything more involved would need to render directly to HTML, which is likely possible by extending this plugin. The are a few todos in the code already about this.

If this is not what you want