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A system to play the Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer board game in an automated fashion for the purposes of game-theoretic analysis of various strategies.

Repository Structure This is the main program. Modify this to plug in which strategies to use for a given run.

scripts/ scripts for general usage.

src/ card_decoder/ - Handles the actual effects of the game.

  input/ - Text files that contain the encoded card data - Definitions of classes used for card stuff - Entry point into this module. See the top of the file for
    how to use it. - Utilities for reading the input - Unit tests. Run py.test from the card_decoder directory.

strategies/ - Where the AI lives - Basic interface for defining a strategy - Very basic strategy for testing. - Entry point for the game. Creates player objects and handles
  most of the resources. - Handles drawing/shuffling from a list of cards. - How the board is generally mutated. This happens with specific
  move types, such as "acquire", "play", or "defeat" from the AI. - An object that has honor, runes remaining, a deck, etc.


Modify to use the strategies that you want, then run