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Onyx is a web application that runs on a server. Users access it on client workstations via a browser over a local network. This guide is for whoever will set up Onyx in an assessment centre--typically, a system administrator. The guide covers hardware and software requirements and includes procedures for deploying Onyx on a server and setting up the client workstations.

What You Need from Your Organization

Your organization should provide you with the following:
  • war file ( custom-onyx .war) that contains a version of Onyx customized to your organization's requirements.
  • An appointment list (may be an Excel or XML file)


The war file is actually a zip file. You will need some information from two files in the war file before they are extracted during installation. Your organization may provide you with copies of the files. Or you can extract copies of the two files from the war file:
  • export-destinations.xml.


Server Hardware Requirements

Component Requirement
CPU Recent server-grade or high-end consumer-grade processor
Memory (RAM) Minimum: 2 GB
Disk space Minimum: 160 GB Rule of thumb calculation: 10 GB for operating system + ((8 GB/2000 participants) * (expected number of participants))

Server Software Requirements

Software Suggested version Download link Usage Installation/Configuration
Firefox Latest Browser- useful for checking Onyx
JRE JRE 1.6.x Java runtime environment - needed to run Tomcat and Onyx
Tomcat 6.0.x Servlet container - needed to run Onyx Fine-tuning Tomcat