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A structured controlled vocabulary for the anatomy of fungi.

The project aims to develop a controlled vocabulary to describe the ‘anatomy’ of fungi and other microbes, called the fungal anatomy ontology (FAO). The FAO ontology is orthogonal to those developed by the GO Consortium and the others listed at the OBO. Thus, the FAO may be used alone or in conjunction with the ontologies at GO and OBO to make robust functional annotations. Researchers are encouraged to help develop and to use the FAO in their work.

The FAO is being developed by researchers in diverse fungal research communities. The ontology is still small; all help is welcome!



Stable release versions

The latest version of the ontology can always be found at:

(note this will not show up until the request has been approved by

Editors' version

Editors of this ontology should use the edit version, src/ontology/fao-edit.obo

Note that if you are not an editor, you should use the stable release version


Please use this GitHub repository's Issue tracker to request new terms/classes or report errors or specific concerns related to the ontology.


This ontology repository was created using the ontology starter kit