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opam-version: "2.0"
maintainer: "nbraud"
homepage: ""
bug-reports: ""
license: "GPL-1.0-or-later"
build: [
["sh" "-exc" "cc -c $CFLAGS -I/usr/local/include test.c"] {os != "macos"}
"cc -c $CFLAGS -I/opt/local/include -I/usr/local/include test.c"
] {os = "macos"}
depexts: [
["libgmp-dev"] {os-family = "debian"}
["gmp"] {os = "macos" & os-distribution = "homebrew"}
["gmp" "gmp-devel"] {os-distribution = "centos"}
["gmp" "gmp-devel"] {os-distribution = "fedora"}
["gmp"] {os = "openbsd"}
["gmp"] {os = "freebsd"}
["gmp-dev"] {os-distribution = "alpine"}
["gmp-devel"] {os-family = "suse"}
synopsis: "Virtual package relying on a GMP lib system installation"
"This package can only install if the GMP lib is installed on the system."
authors: "nbraud"
extra-files: ["test.c" "md5=ec8cc21ab709bdd57103de36e7b0b53f"]
flags: conf
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