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opam-version: "2.0"
maintainer: "Mindy Preston <>"
authors: ["Mindy Preston <>"]
homepage: ""
doc: ""
license: "ISC"
dev-repo: "git+"
bug-reports: ""
tags: ["org:mirage"]
build: [
[ "jbuilder" "subst" "-p" name ] {pinned}
[ "jbuilder" "build" "-p" name "-j" jobs ]
depends: [
"ocaml" {>= "4.04.2"}
"jbuilder" {build & >= "1.0+beta9"}
"mirage-protocols" {>= "1.4.0"}
"ipaddr" {>= "3.0.0"}
"cstruct" {>= "1.9.0"}
synopsis: "MirageOS signatures for network protocols"
description: """\
mirage-protocols provides a set of module types which libraries intended to be used as MirageOS network implementations should implement.
The set of protocols defined is:
[Mirage_protocols.ETHIF](ethif) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.ETHIF](ethif-lwt)
[Mirage_protocols.ARP](arp) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.ARP](arp-lwt)
[Mirage_protocols.IP](ip) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.IP](ip-lwt), via [Mirage_protocols_lwt.IPV4](ipv4-lwt) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.IPV6](ipv6-lwt)
[Mirage_protocols.ICMP](icmp) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.ICMP](icmp-lwt), via [Mirage_protocols_lwt.ICMPV4](icmpv4-lwt)
[Mirage_protocols.UDP](udp) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.UDP](udp-lwt), via [Mirage_protocols_lwt.UDPV4](udpv4-lwt) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.UDPV6](udpv6-lwt)
[Mirage_protocols.TCP](tcp) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.TCP](tcp-lwt), via [Mirage_protocols_lwt.TCPV4](tcpv4-lwt) and [Mirage_protocols_lwt.TCPV6](tcpv6-lwt)
mirage-protocols is distributed under the ISC license."""
url {
archive: ""
checksum: "5ad641be29e1e09b78fc3d1c2b3b9721"