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opam-version: "2.0"
authors: "John Whitington"
maintainer: ""
homepage: ""
dev-repo: "git+"
bug-reports: ""
doc: ""
build: [
["dune" "build" "-p" name "-j" jobs]
["dune" "runtest" "-p" name "-j" jobs] {with-test}
depends: [
"alcotest" {with-test}
synopsis: "Include a file as a string at compile time"
"ppx_blob allows you to include a binary blob from a file as a string. Writing `[%blob \"filename\"]` will replace the string with the contents of the file at compile time. This allows the inclusion of arbitary, possibly compressed, data, without the need to respect OCaml's lexical conventions."
url {
checksum: [
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