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Susy Changelog


This release is loaded with new features, but don't let that fool you. Susy just became shockingly simple to use. See the website for details.

Note that the gem name has changed from compass-susy-plugin to susy.

New Features:

  • omega can now be set directly through the columns mixin for much more compact output.
  • Create responsive grid break-points using at-breakpoint and layout.
  • container mixin now accepts one or more grids/breakpoints as a shortcut.
  • All mixins respect your $legacy-support-for-ie settings.
  • The space function can be used anywhere you need column+gutter math.
  • push, pull, pre, post, and squish add margin left/right shortcuts.
  • The nth-omega mixin can be used to set omega on any nth-child, nth-of-type, first, last, or only element - using pseudo-class selectors.
  • remove-omega and remove-nth-omega will remove the omega-specific styles from an element, returning it to the regular grid flow.
  • $container-width and $container-style settings will override the width and type (magic, fluid, fixed, static, etc) of your grid container.
  • $breakpoint-media-output and $breakpoint-media-output allow you to turn on and off the different outputs from at-breakpoint. This is useful when you have IE-overrides living in a file of their own.
  • Unit tests live in the /test/ directory.

Changed API:

  • $total-cols => $total-columns
  • $col-width => $column-width
  • $side-gutter-width => $grid-padding
  • +un-column & +reset-column => +reset-columns
  • +columns => +span-columns


  • alpha is no longer needed.
  • +omega no longer accepts the $context argument.
  • full can be replaced by a simple clear: both; when needed.
  • side-gutter() is no longer needed. Use $grid-padding instead.


  • Fix bug in susy-background-grid for fluid sites.
  • Fix minor bug with repeated 'display' properties.
  • Lower Compass dependency to 0.12.2
  • Add Sass dependency at 3.2.0.alpha.247


  1. Uninstall compass-susy-plugin and install susy in it's place.
  2. Find and replace the 5 simple "Changed API's" listed above.
  3. Remove the $context argument from all omega mixins.
  4. Remove any mention of alpha and full in your code.
    • Replace full with clear: both; where necessary.
  5. Remove any mention of side-gutter().
    • This may require some refactoring, depending on your uses.
  6. [Optional] Any time 'columns' and 'omega' are declared in the same block, they can now be joined together. @include columns(3); @include omega(); can become @include columns(3 omega).

You're done! Stop worrying about all that "nested vs. root" bullshit, and start playing with the new toys!

v0.9 [Apr 25 2011]

Everything here is about simplicity. Susy has scaled back to it's most basic function: providing flexible grids. That is all.


  • The susy/susy import is deprecated in favor of simply importing susy.
  • The show-grid import is deprecated in favor of CSS3 gradient-based grid-images. You can now use the susy-grid-background mixin. See below.


  • Susy no longer imports all of compass.
  • Susy no longer establishes your baseline and no longer provides a reset. All of that is in the Compass core. You can (and should!) keep using them, but you will need to import them from compass.


  • Use the susy-grid-background mixin on any container to display the grid. This toggles on and off with the same controls that are used by the compass grid-background module.

v0.9.beta.3 [Mar 16 2011]


  • The susy/reset import has been deprecated in favor of the Compass core compass/reset import.
  • The susy mixin has been deprecated. If you plan to continue using vertical-rhythms, you should replace it with the establish-baseline mixin from the Compass Core.


  • The vertical-rhythm module has moved into compass core. The API remains the same, but if you were importing it directly, you will have to update that import. ($px2em was removed as part of this, but didn't make it into core).
  • The defaults template has been removed as 'out-of-scope'. This will not effect upgrading in any way, but new projects will not get a template with default styles.

New Features:

  • Susy now supports RTL grids and bi-directional sites using the $from-direction variable (default: left) and an optional additional from-direction argument on all affected mixins. Thanks to @bangpound for the initial implementation.
  • Susy is now written in pure Sass! No extra Ruby functions included! Thanks to the Sass team for making it possible.

v0.8.1 [Sep 24 2010]

  • Fixed typos in tutorial and _defaults.scss

v0.8.0 [Aug 13 2010]


  • The skip-link was deprecated as it doesn't belong in Susy.
  • All the IE-specific mixins have been deprecated, along with the $hacks variable. Hacks are now used in the default mixins as per Compass.
  • The hide mixin was deprecated in favor of the Compass code hide-text mixin.

Other Changes:

  • inline-block-list will be moved to the compass core soon. In preparation, I've cleaned it up some. You can now apply a padding of "0" to override previous padding arguments. You can also use inline-block-list-container and inline-block-list-item as you would with the Compass horizontal-list mixins.
  • The $align arguments have been removed from both the susy and container mixins. Text-alignment is no longer used or needed in achieving page centering. That was a cary-over from the IE5 Mac days.
  • The container mixin now uses the pie-clearfix compass mixin to avoid setting the overflow to hidden.
  • Default styles have been cleaned up to account for better font stacks and typography, html5 elements, vertically-rhythmed forms, expanded print styles, use of @extend, and overall simplification.

v0.7.0 [Jun 01 2010]

  • updated documentation

v0.7.0.rc2 [May 13 2010]

  • Fixes a bug with grid.png and a typo in the readme. Nothing major here.

v0.7.0.rc1 [May 12 2010]

  • template cleanup & simplification - no more pushing CSSEdit comments, etc.
  • expanded base and defaults with better fonts & styles out-of-the-box
  • expanded readme documentation. This will expand out into a larger docs/tutorial site in the next week.

v0.7.0.pre8 [Apr 20 2010]

  • mostly syntax and gem cleanup
  • added un-column mixin to reset elements previously declared as columns.
  • added rhythm mixin as shortcut for leaders/trailers. accepts 4 args: leader, padding-leader, padding-trailer, trailer.
  • added a warning on alpha to remind you that alpha is not needed at nested levels.

v0.7.0.pre7 [Apr 13 2010]

  • Requires HAML 3 and Compass 0.10.0.rc2
  • Internal syntax switched to scss. This will have little or no effect on users. You can still use Susy with either (Sass/Scss) syntax.
  • $default-rhythm-border-style overrides default rhythm border styles
  • Better handling of sub-pixel rounding for IE6

v0.7.0.pre6 [Mar 29 2010]

  • Added +h-borders() shortcut for vertical_rhythm +horizontal-borders()
  • Fixed vertical rhythm font-size typo (thanks @oscarduignan)
  • Added to template styles, so susy is already in place from the start

v0.7.0.pre5 [Mar 19 2010]

  • Expanded and adjusted _vertical_rhythm.sass in ways that are not entirely backwards compatible. Check the file for details.
  • _defaults.sass is re-ordered from inline to block.
  • :focus defaults cleaned up.
  • README and docs updated.

v0.7.0.pre4 [Jan 20 2010]

Update: pre2 was missing a file in the manifest. Use pre4.

Update: Forgot to note one change: +susy is no longer assigned to the body tag, but instead at the top level of the document (not nested under anything).

Warning: This update is not backwards compatible. We've changed some things. You'll have to change some things. Our changes were fairly major in cleaning up the code - yours will be minor and also clean up some code.


  • new _vertical_rhythm.sass (thanks to Chris Eppstein) provides better establishing of the baseline grid, as well as mixins to help you manage it.
  • !px2em has replaced px2em() - see below.


  • px2em() has been removed and replaced with a simple variable !px2em which returns the size of one pixel relative to your basic em-height. Multiply against your desired px dimensions (i.e. border-width = !px2em*5px will output the em-equivalent of 5px).
  • !base_font_size_px and !base_line_height_px have been replaced with !base_font_size and !base_line_height which take advantage of sass's built-in unit handling.
  • !grid_units is not needed, as you can now declare your units directly in the other grid _width variables. Use any one type of units in declaring your grid. The units you use will be used in setting the container size.

Once you've upgraded, before you compile your files, make these changes:

  • remove the "_px" from the font-size and line-height variables, and add "px" to their values.
  • remove the !grid_units variable and add units to your grid variable values.
  • find any uses of px2em() and replace them with something.
  • enjoy!

v0.7.0.pre1 [Nov 30 2009]

Not a lot of new functionality here – it all moved over to Compass 0.10.0 – mostly just cleaning it up to match.

  • simplified the default styles and gave them their own project template (‘_defaults.sass’).
  • defaults not imported by ‘ie.sass’, as ‘ie.sass’ should be cascading on top of ‘screen.sass’ anyway
  • changed the syntax to match CSS and Compass (‘property:’ replaces ‘:property’)
  • added more inline documentation and brought tutorial up to date
  • moved CSS3 module over to Compass
  • import the compass HTML5 reset along with the normal reset by default (because Susy loves the future)
  • little internal management fixes and so on and so on…


  • not documented here.
  • check the commit log.
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