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Arctic Tracker on ESP32
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Arctic Tracker (v.2) is an APRS tracker platform based on the ESP32 MCU module, a GPS, a display and a VHF transceiver module. It is also a IoT device capable of using WIFI and the internet when this is available: For easy configuration, for pushing APRS data, etc. It can also function as a igate.

It is based on the earlier Arctic Tracker (v.1) prototype which used a Teensy 3 MCU module and a ESP-8266 module (with NodeMCU).

See for some blogging about this project. A working prototype was built and demonstrated (except we didn't get the PA to work properly). The design with ESP-8266 had some limitations and complicating factors, and as the ESP-32 arrived on the scene it became clear that this would be a better platform.

Firmware implementation

It is implemented in C and based on the ESP-IDF which again is based on FreeRTOS. Webserver is based on libesphttpd: See

Currently the following is implemented or ported:

  • Command shell.
  • Settings of various parameters, using persistent storage (flash).
  • Internetworking using WIFI. Automatically connect to access points available. User can set up an ordered list of APs to try. It can also function as its own access point.
  • Webserver. Used for setup.
  • Interface with GPS.
  • LCD display, button handler, etc..
  • Controlling radio and PA module
  • Sending APRS packets
  • Firmware upgrades over the air (OTA).

A updated PCB layout has been produced and is currently being tested. It works!

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