:symbolize_keys option in Oj.load #79

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7even commented Mar 22, 2013


As far as I understand Oj.load supports a :symbol_keys option to force creating symbol keys in the output hashes. But it seems like most JSON parsers do the same thing with a :symbolize_keys option, and multi_json specifies that I have to use it to get symbol keys.

The sidekiq library in turn depends on this option to parse json to hashes with keys explicitly typecasted to strings. But I have configured oj to use symbol_keys: true by default, so it spits symbols instead and doesn't care about a :symbolize_keys option.

So the question is: wouldn't it be appropriate to make a synonym option :symbolize_keys to the already existing option :symbol_keys for compatibility with other libraries?

7even commented Mar 22, 2013

Sorry, just found that multi_json already has a workaround for this. It just doesn't work for me because I'm trying to override a true default from Oj.default_options with a false value. I'll submit an issue to multi_json then.

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