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truncated author list #100

pitman opened this Issue October 14, 2011 · 3 comments

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Jim Pitman markmacgillivray
Jim Pitman

Author listing for erdos

used to be a complete list (approx 500 author names).
Now its truncated to names starting with A , B or C.
Best if possible to show the complete list.
For big enough author lists we will have to truncate.
Should do this by a "more .... " which redirects to a display
of author entity pages, just like has been done for collections.

Even for short author lists, please provide a break out to more comprehensive author listing,
allowing inclusion of data from person records in the display.


Increased author listing size back to what it was. Will look into pagination of author lists as part of the next development. Closing this ticket for now.

markmacgillivray markmacgillivray closed this October 28, 2011
Jim Pitman

We already have the feature requests that we require in the user stories spreadsheet, which you have access to. e,g, write a user story that demonstrates the feature, and give it an importance value. Then when we start the next round of coding we will choose which of these to follow up first. (Probably next week.) However, a generic feature requests section that anyone can access is a good idea, I will add it to the project website.

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