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View, visualize and transform data in the browser.

Data Explorer is a browser-based (pure HTML + JS) open-source application for exploring and transforming data.

It works well with any source of tabular data. Load and save from multiple sources include google spreadsheets, CSVs and Github. Graph and map data, write javascript to clean and transform data.

Built on Recline JS.

Use it


Want to use it locally? Just do "save as" and save the html (with all associated files) to your hard disk. Note that for github login to work you will need to have the app opened at a non file:/// url e.g. http://localhost/dataexplorer.



git clone --recursive

Then just open index.html in your browser!

Note: if you just open index.html most of the app will function but login will not work. For login to work on your local machine you must deploy the app at this specific URL:


The reason for this is that a (uniqute) "callback" URL to the location of the DataExplore instance that the OAuth login will send users back to has to be set in Github when you set up the OAuth "app" in Github (and that URL is the one listed there).

If you are running or nginx or apache on your local machine setting up an alias like this to your local src directory should be easy. Also if you have python installed , you can run SimpleHTTPServer from src 's parent directory.

python -m  SimpleHTTPServer 80

Github Login

Login is via Github using their OAuth method.

We have a pure HTML / JS app (no standard backend) and with pure HTML/JS you can't do OAuth Github login directly and need an OAuth proxy in the form of gatekeeper.

Thus, if you want to deploy your own instance of Data Explorer you'll need to set up a new instance of gatekeeper and then change the gatekeeper_url value in src/boot.js.

Understanding the Architecture

To learn more about the the code see doc/


For github login you will need to set up your own gatekeeper instance as per above.

License and Credits

The first version of this app was built by Michael Aufreiter and Rufus Pollock. It reused several portions of Prose including github login and portions of the styling.

Licensed under the MIT license.

All Credits as per Recline. Also all the great vendor libraries including:


View, visualize, clean and process data in the browser.






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