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Client builds should be static #16

binocarlos opened this Issue · 0 comments

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digger-serve should not be concerned with building client javascript - they should be delivered as static files once built (from CDN or somewhere)

Then - you 'connect' to servers using whatever supplychain's that have been registered.

This means you can run a multi-digger page that uses Sockets to connect to one server and XHR to another:

The static client library (digger-client for browser):

<script src=""></script>
var digger1 = $digger.supplychain('', 'socket');
var digger2 = $digger.supplychain('', 'xhr');

var warehouse1 = digger1.connect('/my/db');
var warehouse2 = digger2.connect('/my/db2');

More importantly than connecting to 2 different servers is that the supplychain implementation is totally separated from the digger-client static file.

To do this we need a way of registering supplychains:

$digger.supplychain.register('socket', require('digger-sockets'));
$digger.supplychain.register('xhr', require('digger-xhr'));

This also means we can write LocalStorage supplychains and have a whole digger app in the browser.

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