Configuration file is rewritten in ISO-8859-1 and then presets are no longer visible #6

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I setup a configuration file with the following presets entries:

  "presets": {
    "presets": {
      "petite pause (5 mn)": 300,
      "grande pause (12 mn)": 720,
      "séance travail (25 mn)": 1500

Notice the use of one accented character. The file is written in UTF-8 encoding. Now I restart gnome-shell. I see my presets, they are OK. I modify the duration in "Set Timer" to force a rewrite of the configuration file and now the configuration file is in ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8. I restart gnome-shell, the presets are no longer visible in the menu...


I can confirm this bug. The problem seem to be in the JSON.parse function. Because if you put the following lines after JSON.parse in line 353

global.log(jsondata["presets"]["presets"]["petite pause (5 mn)"]);
global.log(jsondata["presets"]["presets"]["grande pause (12 mn)"]);
global.log(jsondata["presets"]["presets"]["séance travail (25 mn)"]);

the output is as follows:


Of course both files (extension.js and gnome_shell_timer.json) being UTF-8 encoded.

Which is strange because RFC4627 says "JSON text SHALL be encoded in Unicode. The default encoding is UTF-8."


I'm going to port that json configuration to GSettings. I just haven't figured how to read an GSettings dict (type a{su}) and iterate over it in javascript. If someone knows how please let me know.
Won't be here for 1.5 weeks, so it won't happen 'til then.



I have filed Bug 658312 for the issue with GLib.file_set_contents.


Should be fixed now (using GSettings).

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