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A Cocoa client for Chef, replicating in a native OS X experience functionality from the Chef Server Web UI.


Apache License v2, see LICENSE.txt file.


In this initial version

  • read-only access to a chef server. Write access is not far away, but the priority for this initial release was UI polish
  • Exploring nodes, registrations, cookbooks (no template content for now due to a REST API limitation).
  • Access to the search indexes
  • Live filtering / matching in node and search results.

Planned for next version

  • Saving search requests
  • Read/Write support: changing attributes, tags and recipes
  • Connecting to multiple chef servers
  • MacRuby integration (testing cookbooks from Casserole ? pushing configs to the server ?)
  • Support for the cookbooks role and metadata architecture when it's available
  • Better integration with present and future Chef awesomeness


Mac OS X 10.5 and a Chef Server installation somewhere (0.6.2 only)

Building from Source

Open Casserole.xcodeproj and build, or use xcodebuild in command-line.

Bugs, suggestions

Feel free to use the github issue tracker, or send email to


Olivier Gutknecht, Fotonauts -