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How to contribute

Elastic is an open-source project and we are looking forward to each contribution.

Your Pull Request

To make it easy to review and understand your changes, please keep the following things in mind before submitting your pull request:

  • Work on the latest possible state of olivere/elastic.
  • Create a branch dedicated to your change.
  • If possible, write a test case which confirms your change.
  • Make sure your changes and your tests work with all recent versions of Elasticsearch. At the moment, we're targeting the current and the previous release, e.g. the 1.4 and the 1.3 branch.
  • Test your changes before creating a pull request (go test ./...).
  • Don't mix several features or bug fixes in one pull request.
  • Create a meaningful commit message.
  • Explain your change, e.g. provide a link to the issue you are fixing and probably a link to the Elasticsearch documentation and/or source code.
  • Format your source with go fmt.

Additional Resources