Facebook auth creates new user despite having an an existing user #659

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I am using an older version 0.7.20+ (prior to the removal of signals). This is the exact revision: https://github.com/omab/django-social-auth/tree/42e3334ef805eb50bc0429b6faf6f7b99c1e47a3
I am also using Django 1.4.3.

Facebook auth works great the first time and creates a new custom user. It works fine logging in and out for that same session.

However, when a user comes back a few days later and tries to do Facebook log-in again, social-auth creates a new user and updates the social_auth_usersocialauth table entry to point to this new user rather than the previously created user.

Here's my settings in case it's relevant:
CUSTOM_USER_MODEL = 'customapp.User'
SOCIAL_AUTH_USER_MODEL = 'customapp.User'


Did you manage to fix your problem ? I'm seeing a similar issue and the root cause is that the auth pipeline fails before creating a UserSocialAuth object for some reason. The next time user tries to login, they receive a new username.

I'm still trying to debug why athentication fails sometimes.

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