Tailwind CSS plugin to generate classes to use when working with Vue.js.
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Vue.js Tailwind CSS plugin


Adds classes for working with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.

This plugin adds classes for showing and hiding elements in different display variations in combination with Vue's v-cloak directive, which I originally saw in the first 'Building Kitetail' video. Then is particuarly useful when you want an element to be visible whilst Vue is compiling, and hidden afterwards.


Add this plugin to your project:

# Using npm
npm install --save-dev tailwindcss-vuejs

# Using yarn
yarn add --dev tailwindcss-vuejs


You can add the plugin to your Tailwind config as follows:

plugins: [
  // ...


To see an example of this plugin in use, see the oliverdavies.uk repository.


Oliver Davies - Full Stack Developer