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Hybrid Task Cascade for Instance Segmentation


We provide config files to reproduce the results in the CVPR 2019 paper for Hybrid Task Cascade.

  title={Hybrid task cascade for instance segmentation},
  author={Chen, Kai and Pang, Jiangmiao and Wang, Jiaqi and Xiong, Yu and Li, Xiaoxiao and Sun, Shuyang and Feng, Wansen and Liu, Ziwei and Shi, Jianping and Ouyang, Wanli and Chen Change Loy and Dahua Lin},
  booktitle={IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},


HTC requires COCO and COCO-stuff dataset for training. You need to download and extract it in the COCO dataset path. The directory should be like this.

├── mmdet
├── tools
├── configs
├── data
│   ├── coco
│   │   ├── annotations
│   │   ├── train2017
│   │   ├── val2017
│   │   ├── test2017
|   |   ├── stuffthingmaps

Results and Models

The results on COCO 2017val are shown in the below table. (results on test-dev are usually slightly higher than val)

Backbone Style Lr schd Mem (GB) Inf time (fps) box AP mask AP Config Download
R-50-FPN pytorch 1x 8.2 5.8 42.3 37.4 config model | log
R-50-FPN pytorch 20e 8.2 - 43.3 38.3 config model | log
R-101-FPN pytorch 20e 10.2 5.5 44.8 39.6 config model | log
X-101-32x4d-FPN pytorch 20e 11.4 5.0 46.1 40.5 config model | log
X-101-64x4d-FPN pytorch 20e 14.5 4.4 47.0 41.4 config model | log
  • In the HTC paper and COCO 2018 Challenge, score_thr is set to 0.001 for both baselines and HTC.
  • We use 8 GPUs with 2 images/GPU for R-50 and R-101 models, and 16 GPUs with 1 image/GPU for X-101 models. If you would like to train X-101 HTC with 8 GPUs, you need to change the lr from 0.02 to 0.01.

We also provide a powerful HTC with DCN and multi-scale training model. No testing augmentation is used.

Backbone Style DCN training scales Lr schd box AP mask AP Config Download
X-101-64x4d-FPN pytorch c3-c5 400~1400 20e 50.4 43.8 config model | log