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function make_snapshot()
mkdir /testsuite/.snapshots/$1
btrfs subvolume snapshot -r /testsuite /testsuite/.snapshots/$1/snapshot
function test1()
make_snapshot 1
mkdir foo
mkdir foo/bar
echo hello > foo/bar/world
make_snapshot 2
rm foo -rf
function test2()
make_snapshot 3
mkdir a
mkdir b
echo hello > a/s
echo hello > b/s
echo world > a/n
make_snapshot 4
rm a b -rf
function test3()
make_snapshot 5
touch foo
ln -s foo bar
make_snapshot 6
rm foo bar
function test4()
touch foo bar
ln -s foo fubar
make_snapshot 7
ln -sf bar fubar
make_snapshot 8
rm foo bar fubar
function test5()
mkdir a
mkdir b
echo hello > a/same
echo foo > a/diff
echo new > a/new
sleep 1
echo hello > b/same
echo bar > b/diff
make_snapshot 9
mv a t
mv b a
mv t b
make_snapshot 10
rm a b -rf
function test6()
mkdir -p a1/a2/a3
mkdir -p b1/b2
echo hello > a1/a2/a3/same
echo foo > a1/a2/a3/diff
echo new > a1/a2/a3/new
mkdir a1/a2/a3/d
echo hello > a1/a2/a3/d/world
sleep 1
echo hello > b1/b2/same
echo bar > b1/b2/diff
make_snapshot 11
mv a1/a2/a3 t
mv b1/b2 a1/a2/a3
mv t b1/b2
make_snapshot 12
rm a1 b1 -rf
function test7()
touch perm user group
make_snapshot 13
chmod a+rw perm
chown nobody user
chown :nobody group
make_snapshot 14
rm perm user group
function test8()
touch foo
make_snapshot 15
rm foo
mkdir foo
make_snapshot 16
rmdir foo
btrfs subvolume create /testsuite
btrfs subvolume create /testsuite/.snapshots
cd /testsuite
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