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Hi openaphid and everyone,
I'm loading some image from internet using a lib https://github.com/novoda/ImageLoader like your Demo: Flip Async Content.
The issue is when flip, the image is not show. I guess the cause is flipView take screenshot before the image load complete. But I dont know how to fix this.
So please fix this or suggest me something to do this. I already try refreshPage() but it doesn't effect.
Load complete image

But when flip: image is gone.


Please check out the last update in develop branch. It's much better for pages with async content

@openaphid openaphid was assigned Dec 29, 2012

Thank you, your update works very well.
But I have a new small issue with new FlipViewController:
In your demo FlipButtonActivity, I modified to add more button when flip complete at position near Adapter.getCount()

flipView.setOnViewFlipListener(new ViewFlipListener() {
            public void onViewFlipped(View view, int position) {
                if(position > mAdapter.getCount() - 3)

in class Adapter:

    int size = 5;

    public void addMoreButton(){
        size += 5;

    public int getCount() {
        return size;

The issue is: When flip to page 4, I can't flip to page 5. But I think mAdapter already added page 5 because when set MAX_TIP_ANGLE = 90; I see number 5. (hope you understand, my english is not good, I can post a picture if you want)

Note that older versions of FlipViewController isn't have that isssue.
So please help me to fix this issue to add dynamic page into Adapter.
Thank you and happy new year!


I created a new issue (#41) to address the problem.

The behavior in previous version just happens to be correct.

@openaphid openaphid closed this Dec 31, 2012

#41 has been fixed

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