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What are the initial questions that come to mind when first presented with a "view" or information object?


  • What is this?
    • When?
    • Something in the senate or house of reps?
    • Does this relate to an issue I care about?
  • What happened?
    • Was it successful?
    • Anything else interesting? - rebels, many absent.
    • How did the parties vote?
    • How did my representative vote?
    • How did all reps vote?
  • Is this one of a series of divisions around a policy?


  • Who is this person?
    • What is their name?
    • Do they have a special role? (e.g. Minister/Front bench)
    • What do they look like?
    • What/where is their electorate?
      • What kind of a place is that?
    • What party are they from?
  • What is interesting about this member?
    • is their attendence unusual?
    • do they ever rebel?
  • What is their position on the issues I care about?
  • Which other members are they similar to?


  • What is the issue?
  • Overall, how does the parliament vote on this policy?
  • How does my representative vote on this issue?
  • How does each party vote on this issue?
  • Has this policy has any recent division/is this a current issue?
  • How do all reps vote on this issue?
  • What are the different party's policies on this issue?
  • What individual divisions occurred on this policy?
    • Which way did those divisions go?
    • How did the parties vote?
    • How did my rep vote?
    • How did every MP vote?
  • Where can I learn more about this issue?
  • Who made this a policy and allocated divisions?