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opencare Style Guide

Hello, here is where you find all the info to work with related visuals and communication assets.

  • The Style Guide is an interactive PDF file. By clicking on the visual elements (logo, banner etc...) you will be prompted to the original asset in the repository.

  • The Assets folder contains all the files used to create both physical and digital flyers, banners etc in various formats: .png (with transparent background), .svg (for vector graphics)

    • the file naming convention works in this way: OC-file_description-version-destination.png/svg See details below about each and any part of the file naming convention, and please keep it consistent when creating new assets
      • OC stands for opencare
      • file_description should be brief and please use underscore in place of spaces (snake case)
      • version is optional and can track different versions or translations of a file
      • destination is usually "print" (300 dpi) or "web" (72 dpi)
  • Included icons are part of a larger collection called Material Design ( released under the Creative Common Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0)



Graphic Guidelines for the project



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