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A directory structure that is written ahead of time, distributed, and used to seed the runtime for creating a container and launching a process within it.


The config.json file in a bundle which defines the intended container and container process.


An environment for executing processes with configurable isolation and resource limitations. For example, namespaces, resource limits, and mounts are all part of the container environment.

Container namespace

On Linux,the namespaces in which the configured process executes.


All configuration JSON MUST be encoded in UTF-8. JSON objects MUST NOT include duplicate names. The order of entries in JSON objects is not significant.


An implementation of this specification. It reads the configuration files from a bundle, uses that information to create a container, launches a process inside the container, and performs other lifecycle actions.

Runtime namespace

On Linux, the namespaces from which new container namespaces are created and from which some configured resources are accessed.

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